J Resources was established in 2003 in Jakarta, Indonesia as a privately owned holding company. The company then entered the nickel business in 2006 with the takeover of BUMANIK, an Indonesian nickel mining company.

Following the strategic sale of PT Bukit Makmur (BUMA) in 2009, the founding shareholders exited the service side of the contract mining business in Indonesia and re-directed their attentions to the owner/operatorship side of the mining industry.

In 2011, J Resources acquired gold and silver assets in Malaysia and Indonesia from Avocet Mining Plc., a UK-listed mining company. This provided the basis of a precious metals portfolio that would supply initial gold production, development projects (for production expansion) and extensive exploration acreage to allow replacement of ore reserves and upside in the ongoing discovery process.

In parallel, the company has actively developed the existing assets and search for new projects that meet our criteria for adding value and scale to ensure sustainability in a very dynamic market. This includes but is not limited to an internal review of all gold opportunities in Asia that might welcome participation or joint venture to allow collective growth. This remains work in progress and forms the basis of our expansion strategy.