About Us

In 2011 a group of experienced mining principals acquired a set of gold assets they believed held great promise. The initial assets are now producing at optimum levels and have established J Resources as a new force in the Indonesian gold mining space. The story is set to continue in the coming years as we seek to develop other projects in our pipeline and build scale with selected acquisitions.


The company’s philosophy remains gold only for the foreseeable future but long-term growth will require diversification into other metals and other countries when opportunities present themselves. That strategy and our 10-Year Horizon Plan is reflected in our new Vision Statement where we seek “To Operate an Innovative Mining Company, Passionate about Sustainability, Growth and our Brand”.

J Resources takes pride from:

  • it's financial stability which is driven by the cash flow from our producing mines, and
  • it's local knowledge which has helped us with deal flow access via our business networks.

"We have assembled a robust and diversified portfolio of assets which spans the production, development and exploration cycles."