In its brief history, the Company has strived to deliver shareholder value from the very beginning. An aggressive business plan and “can do” approach has ensured that the target programs continue to deliver significant milestones on an annual basis. Each year is named to capture where we were in our history at that time and the achievements made or challenges we faced. Below are some quarterly highlights since our inception.





Q1 – The Company is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) becoming, at that time, the first national “dedicated gold producer” to be traded – a proud moment.


Q2 – Consolidation work begins with the optimization of the existing operations and a complete review of the assets. Bakan and Seruyung are identified for immediate development to mining.


Q3 – Feasibility and environmental work are undertaken at Bakan and Seruyung as we pass the first aggregated 100,000oz of gold produced under the J Resources banner.


Q4 – Annual output reaches 101,000oz which establishes us as a junior gold producer. We also add 1 million ounces of gold to the resource inventory, a major achievement in just 18 months!





Q1 – Bakan and Seruyung are started as parallel development projects with identical processing systems. Mine design and earthworks begin, and infrastructure programs are also commenced.


Q2 – The Bakan and Seruyung project staff ramp-up is in full swing, construction begins with our international contractors and major equipment is mobilised to both sites.


Q3 – J Resources becomes a signatory to the International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI) Code while the exploration group adds another 500,000oz of gold to the resource inventory.


Q4 – The Company secures a US$ 275 million syndicated loan facility and Bakan pours its first gold, becoming our first built mine under the J Resources banner; another very proud moment!




Q1 – Seruyung starts production in January to become our second built gold mine. Both Bakan and Seruyung exceed 10,000oz in their first quarter of production – a tremendous accomplishment.


Q2 – The Company reaches an aggregate total of 250,000oz of gold produced since inception, Seruyung exceeds 32,000oz in the quarter and Bakan exceeds 17,000oz – what a deliverable!


Q3 – The exploration team adds another 1 million ounces of gold resources to inventory, reserves increase by 50% and all active projects are converted to the JORC (2012) Australasian standard.


Q4 – Annual gold production exceeds 223,000 ounces, which is equivalent to ±7 tonnes. In doing so we become the #1 national gold producer; and that after just 3½ years in operation.





Q1 – Seruyung & Bakan achieve signatory status to the ICMI Code in January 2015 while management redefines its Vision & Values to better reflect the company’s identity and purpose.


Q2 – The Company aggregates 500,000oz of gold produced to date and achieves ISO14001:2004 compliance (May-15) at both corporate level and for the Indonesian producing subsidiaries.


Q3 – Penjom exceeds 200,000oz under our operational control, Seruyung passes 150,000oz and Bakan achieves more than 37,000oz in 3 months; a series of milestones all in one go…


Q4 – Annual gold output exceeds our previous 2014 record year (223,000oz) with 244,850oz produced while Bakan passes 200,000oz of gold in its first two years of operation!