Pani [Gorontalo, Sulawesi]

Pani is a multiple dome-related, epithermal low-sulphidation gold system, that potentially represents could be a world class resource opportunity. Existing resources of 2,063 Koz at 0.96 g/t and reserves of 735 Koz at 0.86 g/t as of December 2017.











Doup [North Sulawesi]

Doup is considered a carbonate (or calcareous shale) hosted strata-bound epithermal replacement deposit. Its geological setting is a challenge. Existing gold resources of 3,045 Koz at 1.20 g/t and reserves of 1,850 Koz at 1.26 g/t as of June 2017.


The complex metallurgical system hosts a weak Au-Cu porphyry signature with an ISE (Au-Ag-Te) overprint at Panang while Benteng mineralization is more Au-Ag-Te with As-Zn in a carbonate setting. Potential to add resources occur at North Benteng, the Link Zone and at SE Panang while satellites exist at South Benteng and Tungow. Generative work on district targets is ongoing and there is much discussion about a porphyry core.