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Our Vision

To Operate an Innovative Mining Company,
Passionate about Sustainability,
Growth and our Brand.

Our Values

We, the J RESOURCES family, value…


•    Ownership
•    Integrity
•    Passion
•    Innovation, and
•    Respect


OWNERSHIP - is expected to cascade throughout the organization with executive guidance as required to achieve optimal return on our investments by emphasizing cost conscious and cost effective operations. This cannot be achieved without assessing risk; which means conducting good due diligence; being aware of, and understanding, all the associated risks; assessing all impacts and benefits; managing all business risk and accepting the mitigated consequences.


Ownership also means we apply business acumen in conjunction with business sense and will have the courage to enter new industries which we believe have a prosperous future. Furthermore, we value our leaders and employees who act as a catalyst; who display a willingness to go the extra mile; who go beyond the call of duty and above all, display a sense of enterprise.


INTEGRITY – means being honest, being transparent, and being truthful. We are results oriented; are willing to accept the unexpected, and openly communicate about issues and facts using the data at our disposal. Our work ethic requires us to be morally responsible for the good of the company and its stakeholders, be open to team work and put simply, to do the right thing.


Integrity also requires the leadership to trust and empower the managers, the staff and the work teams, to an extent that they can be relied upon to execute work to a high standard whilst using company assets in a proper manner. This ultimately incorporates best performance with trust as the foundation, where authority with accountability is delegated by means of clear KPI’s.


PASSION - for us is about tenacity, enthusiasm, and dedication to the job. It’s about determination, an approach that nothing is impossible, to push through difficult or tight time frames, being pro-active and energized to find new ideas, working hard on relationships but still have fun doing it. Passion requires us to be sincere, to have the desire to implement best practice, and a desire to be the best. We need to excel at what we do as professional experts in mining and be ahead of our competition.


Passion also requires leadership, being role models, leading by example, to continuously improve by getting the best out of our teams and to protect everything in the work place. We are committed to best environment, health and safety practices, with zero harm to employees, having due care for the environment as well as enhancing the lives of the communities around our areas of operation with responsible and meaningful CSR programs.


INNOVATION – is about improvement in everything we do. It requires us to keep thinking about alternative solutions to improve on a daily basis by always challenging ourselves to find better ways of doing our work. We strive to make informed decisions based on continual evaluation, data analysis and cost benefit analysis managed through measurable results.


Innovation is also about breakthrough, taking our knowledge and capabilities to the next level. We are never satisfied with current results and are continually evaluating and trying new ideas that will benefit our business. We always want to be at the forefront of technological advances by conducting in-house research and development, and by being creative professionals who can think “outside the box”.


RESPECT – reflects our appreciation of humanity, people’s cultures, and its many differences, it pervades the communities that we work with and even within our own company. Externally we take a humble approach and appreciate the different backgrounds of the societies that we encounter and engage. Internally, we respect the organization, management’s decisions and we follow the rules.


Respect for us also means the right of further development for our employees, recognizing people’s competence and performance by measurable achievement and we believe in succession planning by means of an organized talent pool to ensure our future. We also recognise those with experience who can be “teaching leaders” and coach less experienced employees as mentors.


Finally, it’s all about teamwork, across all functions so that the company is synergized and this requires constant employee engagement; we care for the holistic well-being of each and every employee so that they are proud to be part of the J Resources team!

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